In our continuing efforts to help bring portable sanitation to the next level and to provide our customers with superior services and cleanliness, Blu-John proudly introduces the “Work Clean” program.

Just as Blu-John was first in Atlanta with pressure washing on every service visit, GPS monitored service vehicles and eco- friendly cleaning deodorants, Blu-John will now be first in introducing hand sanitizers as a standard equipment in all our “in program” restroom units!

Studies have shown that job site productivity is markedly increased when portable sanitation facilities are equipped with hand cleansing capability. When your employees are leaving the job site in order to clean their hands after using a portable restroom with no hand cleansing possibility, productivity is lost! Or perhaps, the employee is not even using the portable restroom at all because he/she knows that after use there is no possibility to clean their hands. In this case not only is the expense of the restroom a waste, but you also have a loss, in productivity, while the employee leaves the job site in search of an alternative solution.

Once you are in the Blu-John “Work Clean” program all of the restrooms on your job sites will be equipped with hand cleaning capability. Once in the program you will have a choice of either hand sanitizer in each of your restrooms or a hand wash sink. Your weekly service will include the replenishment of hand sanitizer and/ or fresh water, soap and paper towels for the hand wash sinks. Your sanitation productivity problem is solved!

Not only does the “Work Clean” program resolve the issue from a productivity/ financial concern but there are health and work environment benefits as well. The CDC says the number one way to help prevent the spreading of viruses in the work place is to frequently wash your hands with soaps and water and/or a hand sanitizing solution. When an employee feels that his/ her company is doing its best to create a clean, healthy and professional work environment he/she tends to work harder, maintain a positive attitude and keep an excellent attendance record. So please call now and get your company into Blu-John’s “Work Clean” program for a safe eco-friendly job site, more productive employees and a cleaner healthier work environment.